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The attorneys at Hynum Law, a law firm in Harrisburg, PA, are experienced in various areas of law. With decades of collective experience, our team has the background necessary to stand by our clients while fighting for their rights at all times. While searching through law firms online, you may be overwhelmed with the options that exist. We understand. Because of this, we offer free consultations to anyone wondering whether working with an attorney is necessary or beneficial for their situation. We’ll take the time to listen to your needs while providing guidance on how to proceed. Phone consults are available for the convenience of those who are out of the area, or with schedules that make it difficult to get to our office. The Hynum Law team in Harrisburg, PA is comprised of:



Administrative Staff

We invite you to contact Hynum Law. Take the time to learn more about our attorneys. From there, if you or a loved one is in need of legal counsel, it’s time to discover the reason Hynum Law is setting the standard for excellence for law firms in Harrisburg, PA and the surrounding areas. Contact our offices today at (717) 774-1357, Monday-Friday from 8-5.