Articles of Incorporation

When setting up a corporation, the initial step you will be required to take will be drafting and filing your business’ Articles of Incorporation.

This is a legal document that is required for the creation of your corporation. It’s filed with the state and is governed by that state.  It creates your business, association or organization as a legal (corporate) entity and defines your purpose and specific responsibilities.

Some of the information included in Articles of Incorporation includes:

  • The name of the corporation;
  • The name of the individual responsible for organizing the corporation;
  • Purpose of the corporation;
  • Tax status of the corporation;
  • Number of and names of the corporations initial board of directors;
  • The powers and responsibilities of the board;
  • Location of the corporation’s registered office;
  • Whether or not the corporation is a membership organization; and
  • The provisions for the distribution of assets if and when the corporation is dissolved.

Creating Your Business’s Articles of Incorporation

While doing the research to create your business’s Articles of Incorporation, you may find online samples and fill in the blank documents. It is recommended that you proceed with caution as each business and filing situation is different.

Because the process is the base of your corporation’s future, and many variables may be involved, it is generally recommended that individuals interested in incorporating their businesses contact an experienced business law attorney for guidance.

Attorney Mike Hynum of Hynum Law has the experience needed to assist you in this process. He understands the importance of proper business methods and will help you create documents that keep you as legally protected as possible.

If you’re interested in incorporating your business, contact Hynum Law today.